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British Weightlifting Licensed club based in Bath, UK

Resilience Weightlifting was set up with the intention of developing the sport of weightlifting and creating a weightlifting community within the area


What We Provide

Providing weightlifters of all levels with the support they need to reach their full potential by providing good quality personal coaching, individual programming and general support throughout their journey.

Introduce more young people to the sport and to develop a team of youth weightlifters who can learn to lift safely with good technique in a fun, encouraging and safe environment.

Provide 1:1 or small group sessions to anyone looking to start their weightlifting journey, improve their weightlifting technique, develop their strength or just looking to try something new.

About Amy

I have been involved in weightlifting for around 10 years and have been lucky enough to be coached and mentored by a great technical coach. I have also ensured I have furthered my understanding of weightlifting by attending coaching seminars, shadowing other coaches and learning from people whose approach I respect.

Everyone has different goals and reasons why they do weightlifting but it is my aim as a coach to help each person achieve these.

If you'd like to work with me please contact me here.

Our Values


Technique is key and should be a priority for everyone. Whether you are new to weightlifting and need to learn a good technical foundation, or an advanced lifter who needs to fine tune technique.


Providing personal programming that works on each individuals weaknesses, that is appropriate for their experience level and age, and fits in with their commitments outside of training. ​


Building a good rapport between lifter and coach is essential.


Weightlifting is an individual sport and the journey can be very tough! I believe it is a coach's role to provide a support system for a lifter in order to enable them reach their full potential and their goals. ​


Training needs to be fun and you need to enjoy the journey!​

Resilience Weightlifting is a small club but it is our priority to ensure we develop a community of weightlifters who support one another and create a good training atmosphere that everyone can thrive in.

Grass roots youth development is important for all sports, however, weightlifting is a fairly small niche sport and not always easy for young people to access due to a lack of weightlifting clubs. I am really passionate about developing youth lifters in the area by introducing young people to the sport and helping them to develop and hopefully stay in the sport.

​Weightlifting is no different to any other sport and is safe for young people to get involved in. Research shows that it is actually beneficial for young people to resistance train.

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