British Weightlifting Inclusion Academy

About the Inclusion Academy

British Weightlifting Inclusion Academies are clubs who are actively engaging with youth weightlifting. Each inclusion academy is identified as a club that has quality coaching from qualified and licensed staff, a sustainable foundation, appropriate policies and procedures, and the highest standards of governance. There are only 20 Inclusion Academies in the UK, and we are proud to be one!

Raise the bar

As an Inclusion Academy we are delighted to be able to deliver British Weightlifting’s Raise the Bar courses to schools in the local area. Raise the Bar is a free 6 week introductory strength training course designed for young people aged 12-17. The course gives young people the opportunity to learn the skills needed to perform the lifts as well as basic resistance training exercises. The course supports Sport England and the NHS’s belief that strength training exercises should be a key part of people’s weekly exercise to help them strengthen muscles and bones. 

If you are interested in hosting a Raise the Bar course in your school please contact raise the bar email.

Resilience X Hayesfield

In conjunction with our 6 week Raise the Bar courses delivered across the local area we are also pleased to have set up Raise the Bar project: Resilience X Hayesfield. This project was set up as a collaboration between Resilience Weightlifting and local girls school Hayesfield Girls School to provide an ongoing opportunity for these young girls to access strength sport. As part of this project our coaches deliver 3 sessions per week throughout the academic year, as well as delivering workshops and competition experiences to the young athletes.

British Weightlifting Regional Development Squads

Resilience Weightlifting is also proud to host the British Weightlifting South West Region Development Squad training sessions. These sessions are held on a regular basis to provide an opportunity for the top youth athletes (U15 & U17) and junior athletes (U20 & U23) to train together and receive coaching from BWL Talent Pathway coaches Stuart Cruikshank and Amy Kirby-Saunders. Athletes for the regional squads are chosen by British Weightlifting and these sessions are by invitation only.